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So I'm definitely not new to DA, but I am new to posting anything. I've always intended to start, and now I'm finally doing it. Here's to hoping that I create more art more quickly! (And here's to hopefully getting comments on my work.) XD I might have to disappear sometimes due to work, but I'm here now.
Once, years ago, I dreamt that I caught a fish. He had a mustache. So upset was he at being caught that he cursed me with a mustache of my own. I begged and pleaded to have the curse removed - and in sheer benevolence and with my promise that I would return him to the sea he removed the hair from my face. But alas - as  I wandered down the sidewalk I forgot about him in my purse, and there he died. Shame! Shame weighed heavy on my heart!! And so it was with with guilt and the sincere hope that none would know what I had done, I wrapped him in saran wrap and threw him in the trash. The End.

What kind of monster am I?! Now the mustache fish is a reminder to myself to keep my promises and to appreciate favors done for me. Never forget the Mustache Fish.

And that is why he is on my logo.