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Tsubasa: The Soap Opera Chronicles 1 by AileenRT Tsubasa: The Soap Opera Chronicles 1 by AileenRT
I made a version without the title written on it in my gallery. Clap

I painted this
, and titled it. And I redrew the face. (That happens a lot when turning a drawing into a painting.)
This one took a long time, mostly because I only worked on it as a hobby and every time I came back to it I pretty much would say "Why did I do it that way?" and change everything about it. I'm pretty happy with it, but next week if I look at it again I will say the same thing.

*Why The Title?*
I remember when Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle first came out, my sister and I were so excited! Every time a new issue came out we went to Barnes and Noble and purchased a copy. But as time went by we felt like it was more of a fanfiction than anything. Still, it has some beautiful moments and I'm a sucker for an adorable love story. Perhaps someday I'll give it a second read and reassess what I think of it. In the meantime, this piece of art surmises my feelings: Beautiful, but silly. ^_^

I'm thinking of doing more like this. Like, "Where everybody has an evil twin," or "Where a coma is the least of your problems," and so on. What do you, precious viewer, think of that?

*How did you make this?*
The drawing came straight out of the pages of the manga by CLAMP. To paint this I primarily used Corel Painter X and then I used Photoshop CS6 for texturing and color editing. (Because I tend to use dull colors on my own.) Oh! And I traced the wings in Flash CS6.

Copyright Stuff:
Appropriate rights go to CLAMP, Kodansha and Del Rey and anybody else who says so.
Painting by AileenRT, that's me.
AileenRT Featured By Owner Edited Dec 8, 2016  Professional Filmographer
See, I'm already thinking "Oh why did I make the texture so bold..." There. Changed.
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